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Ready to take it up a notch?

This challenging rides will push your heart rate right through the roof! Choose for yourself the bike tour for the ambitious cyclist. Click the Tourname for a short descriptions of the finest tours for road racing in Western-, Central- and Eastern Crete. Have a look at the assigned relief map (Map-Button) for a first overview.

Western Crete

Tours in Western CreteVmkmCategoryElevation ProfilesKMZGPX
-1.0 Chania- Meskla-Theriso- Chania 1.461593
-1.1 Chania- Omalos- Sougia1.970812
-2.0 Sougia- Chora Sfakion- Argiroupoli- Spili2.385811
-2.1 Sougia- Ch.Sfakion- Kournas Lake- Argiroupoli1.725633
-2.2 Sougia- Elos- Elafonisi- Sclavopoula- Sougia3.164124- HC
-2.3 Sougia- Kisamos2.140851
-2.4 Kisamos- Sougia1.709802
-2.5 Sougia- Paleochora- Moustakos- Sougia2.72798- HC
-2.6 Sougia- Paleochora- Prodomi- Sougia2.239781
-2.7 Sougia- Sasalos- Sougia2.221821
2.8 Sougia- Sasalos- Kisamos- Paleochora- Sougia3.344142- HC
-3.0 Chora Sfakion- Anopoli- Ag.Ioannis1.151423
-3.1 Chora Sfakion- Seli- Spili- Kalamaki1.9511031

Central Crete

Tours in Central CreteVmkmCategoryElevation ProfilesKMZGPX
-4.0 Spili- Gerakari- Moni Arkadiou- Anogia
-4.1 Spili- Gerakari- Zaros- Lendas2.104109- HC
-5.0 Anogia- Tilisos- Gergeri- Lendas2.295101- HC
-5.1 Anogia- Nida- Gergeri- Lendas2.38484- HC
-5.2 Anogia- Mt.Skinakias- Nida- Ski Resort- Anogia1.780573
-5.3 Anogia- Retimno- Chania1.2251212
-5.3 Anogia- Rethimno- Malaxa- Chania1.6931261
-6.0 Kalamaki- Vianos- Mirtos1.6871051
-6.0 Kalamaki- Mournia- Vianos- Mirtos2.564123- HC
-6.1 Kalamaki- Kamares- Amari Pl.- Gerakari- Spili2.138761
-6.2 Kalamaki- Kali Limenes- Kalamaki1.696503
- 6.3 Kalamaki- Kapetania- Kalamaki1.906772
-7.0 Lendas- Vianos- Mirtos1.9241041
12.0 Rethimno- Moni Arkadiou- Anogia1.977682
12.1 Rethimno- Amari Pl.- Monastiraki- Rethimno1.804663
12.2 Rethimno- Patsos- Spili- Rethimno1.561563

Eastern Crete

Tours in Eastern CreteVmkmCategoryElevation ProfilesKMZGPX
-8.0 Mirtos- Geraki- Kaminaki- Lassithi2.47983- HC
-8.1 Mirtos- Embaros- Katofigi- Kaminaki- Lassithi2.72775- HC
-8.2 Mirtos- Kastelli- Avdou- Lassithi2.438881
-8.3 Mirtos- Orino- Chrysopigi- Sitia2.50287- HC
-8.4 Mirtos- Thrypti- Orino- Bemp.- Chrysopigi- Sitia2.80193- HC
-8.5 Mirtos- Koutsouras- Chrysopigi- Sitia1.427753
-8.6 Mirtos- Goudouras- Xerokambos- KatoZakros1.6891001
-8.7 Mirtos- Chandras- Voila- Kato Zakros1.473892
-8.8 Mirtos- Selekano- Prina- Mirtos2.041763
-8.9 Mirtos- Tsoutsouros- Arvi- Mirtos2.471102- HC
-9.0 Lassithi- Kritsa- Kroustas- Mirtos1.642922
-9.1 Lassithi- Kritsa- Katharo Plateau- Lassithi1.877841
10.0 Kato Zakros- Vai- Sitia1.672773
10.1. Kato Zakros- Karidi- Chono- Vai- Kato Zakros1.859921
10.2 Kato Zakros- Chandras- Sitia- Kato Zakros2.86697- HC
10.3 Kato Zakros- Stavromenos- Sitia- K.Zakros2.85587- HC
10.4 Kato Zakros- Sitanos- Voila- Xerokambos- Kato Zakros1.522703
11.0 Sitia- Pachia Amos- Mirtos1.370763
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