3.0 Chora Sfakion– Anopoli– Ag. Ioannis– Chora Sfakion | 42 km | 1.151 vertical meters | Category 3

42 km | 1.151 vertical meters | Category 3

Chora Sfakion – Anopoli – Ag. Ioannis – Chora Sfakion

Chora Sfakion–Anopoli–Ag. Ioannis–Chora Sfakion

The twisted road from Chora Sfakion up to Anopoli – © nick / bikingcrete.com

Push yourself to new limits on this steep Mountain Time trial.

I’ll hope that you are free from giddiness!

First there is the salty smell and the rushing waves at the shore of enchanting Chora Sfakion, but then there are only barren limestone slopes, the serpentine road and bent guardrails which try to grab you with their iron-sheet-fingers. But this is just the beginning!



3.1 Chora Sfakion- Selia- Spili- Kalamaki | 103 km | 1.951 vertical meters | Category 1

103 km/ 1.951 vertical meters/ Category 1

Chora Sfakion- Selia- Spili- Kalamaki

Chora Sfakion-Selia-Spili-Kalamaki

Celebrate your hard-earned achievements and turn your body into a machine on this hilly endurance ride on the transfer stage from Western to Central Crete.

From Chora Sfakion the road winds gently through the countryside and led up in turns to Selia and Mirthios.

The view up to the steep slopes and down over the wide bays is always great. Shortly after Asomatos, the road enters the wild Kourtaliotiko gorge. Here rises the river, which flows with rapid current through the gorge and enters the sea at Moni Preveli. So go again for the mountains on your way to Spili.

Kourtalioti Gorge – The Way Up To Spili – © nick / bikingcrete.com

Climb through the alpine mountain scenery, the rugged gorge and through the green valley of Frati. The first part is really steep. The rocky walls stay closely together and rise directly into the bright blue sky. Spots of rock flowers and bluebells gleam into the shady gorge.

After leaving Spili and crossing the pass at 500m the road drops down in wide sweeping curves until it reaches the Gulf of Messara and the picturesque village of Agia Galini. So go on for Timbaki and at least enjoy the stay at the friendly beach-village Kalamaki, situated near ancient Agia Triada and Festos.


Recommendation for the night at Kalamaki: Apartment-Hotel Aglaia. Take the left fork of the main road at the village entrance. The friendly Charalambaki family offers comfortable appartements and double rooms, equipped with kitchenette and fridge, they make an ideal mid-range accommodation option. Shower and WC en suite. Web: https://www.aglaia.gr

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