1.0 Chania- Meskla- Theriso- Chania

1.0 Chania- Meskla- Theriso- Chania | 59 km | 1.461 Vertical meters | Category 3

59 km | 1.461 vertical meters | Category 3

Chania- Meskla- Theriso- Chania

Up into the mountains to Theriso: Short of time? Leave the noisy atmosphere of Chania and Vamvapoulos behind for a morning ride.

You pass through the gardens, fields and orange groves all the way to Fournes and the lush valley of Meskla. Here the Sotiros Christou church’s magical beauty, with its fading frescoes of Daniel and Michael Veneris, dating from 1303, will enchant you. Climb on into the alpine mountains, through Zourva and the upper outskirts of the village Theriso, via the vineyards of Gerolakos and Loulos and back through the romantic Theriso gorge. You will be back at Chania in time for lunch. Go for the adventure.

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