2.3 Sougia- Kisamos -/- 2.4 Kisamos- Sougia

2.3 Sougia- Kisamos | 85 km | 2.140 vertical meters | Category 1

85 km | 2.140 vertical meters | Category 1

Sougia- Kisamos
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From Sougia along the west coast to Kissamos: Leaving the green valleys of the Selino region, you travel high above the western shore of Crete, through the barren and rugged landscape of mountains and high valleys. Every bend offers new fantastic views of the azure water and the gently swaying, partly inaccessible coastline deep below that is incised by steep protruding cliffs. It’s an uphill and down dale ride, you eventually meet the northern lowlands at Lousakies near ancient Polyrrhenia, while they roll out the red carpet for you at Kissamos.

2.4 Kisamos- Sougia | 80 km | 1.709 vertical meters | Category 2

80 km | 1.709 vertical meters | Category 2

Kisamos- Sougia

After a hearty breakfast your legs are ready to move mountains. Heading south along the red soils of the Kissamos area, you will once again come across lush and shady valleys with olives and vineyards.

Silvery leaves rustle and rush in the wind and you can hear the sound of the gurgling water. If you’re lucky, you might even get a glimpse of the merman at the small waterfall, playing his flute. The Silvery Route

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