2.5 Sougia- Paleochora- Moustakos- Sougia

Sougia- Paleochora- Moustakos- Sougia| 98 km | 2.727 vertical meters | Hors Catégorie

93 km | 2km dirt road | 2.727 vertical meters | Hors Catégorie

Sougia- Paleochora- Moustakos- Sougia
Sougia-Paleochora- Moustakos-Sougia

The rolling hills of the Selino range: Ready to take it up a notch? This challenging ride will push your heart rate right through the roof!

There are four peaks to climb. First of all you cross the pass in the direction of Paleochora. From there, the road winds uphill through the lush and shady valley of the Pelekaniotikos River in the direction of Voutas and Moustakos. Pine and oak trees line the road and you’ll see flashes of white and yellow branches along the way.

From Moustakos Over The Pass – © nick / bikingcrete.com

A small detour on a partly unpaved road to the peaceful village of Moustakos is worth your while for a break at the bubbling brook. The varied mountain route then takes you uphill and high above the tree line into inhospitable and barren heights, where even the paved road seems to fade away.

Allow some time to enjoy the view over the beautiful Selino range with its rolling hills deep down in the valley. A green sea of olive trees seem to stretch all the way to the horizon. And well, these mountains on the horizon you still have to cross on your way back to Sougia.