2.7 Sougia- Sasalos- Sougia

2.7 Sougia- Sasalos- Sougia | 82 km | 2.221 vertical meters | Category 1

82 km | 2.221 vertical meters | Category 1

Sougia- Sasalos- Sougia

Through the Selino region to Sasalos: Take a ride through the rolling hills and the changing landscape of the fertile Selino region. Enjoy the climb to the villages of Rodovani and Temenia, up to the pass and downhill to Kandanos.

Donkey siesta - Sasalos
Donkey siesta – Sasalos – © nick / bikingcrete.com

From there the ascent is moderate until you reach the small village of Aligni where the junction leads to the beautiful Sasalos Valley and the Milonofarrago gorge.

The road follows the gurgling brook, through copse of chestnut trees and sycamores. The banks and rocks are covered with grasses, herbaceous plants and ferns. At the center of Sasalos, a right turn leads into the wooded hills and in direction to the villages of Maneriana and Selia.

The mountain track winds gently uphill to the mountain ridge, then via Floria downhill to the wide plateau with the lovely town Kandanos. Enjoy the fresh water from the well at the junction to Sougia. A New Zealand soldier donated it to the people of Kandanos. Go for the adventure.